Friday, October 8, 2010

Greece 2010 - Santorini

We boarded the boat after finishing in Crete and sailed the afternoon away until we reached Santorini. Some of us booked an optional excursion run by the ship and enjoyed a great tour - which allowed them to see the island from both sides.

Others opted to explore on their own. For the first time on the trip we needed to take tender boats from the ship to the shore. Then we looked nearly straight up the mountainside to see where the village was we wanted to tour. Our options were to ride a donkey up the mountain, walk up the mountain (on the same path used by the donkeys) or ride the cable car.

Once at the top, we enjoyed the most picturesque views found in the world. The winding side streets were lined with shops and cafes. But most importantly, the taverns were right on the cliff's edge with spectacular views of sunset each night. Breathtaking!