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Greece 2010 - Athens 1

Early wake up calls and our final morning gathering in the Metropolitan Ballroom on the ship before disembarking in the port of Piraeus. We met our local guide Andi, oarded our bus and headed off to downtown Athens.

We enjoyed a sightseeing tour of the city - a great we to become acclimated to the new city. Our tour ended at the Acropolis, where we got off the bus and tour the site. Except for some wind on the top of the mountain, it was perfect. The ruins/excavation is awe-inspiring and the views overlooking the city were fantastic!

We returned to the bus, checked into our hotel - the Classical Imperial Athens- first class all the way - and then met up with Andi again for a tour of th Acropolis Museum. What a marvel just the building is. the glass floors outside (and in!) gave a fascinating perspective of the excavated ruins right under foot.

We then went our own ways and enjoyed the city, our hotel (and it's squigee-less bathrooms) and dinner in local tavernas.


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Granada - Dos

We next drove to downtown Granada where we checked into our hotel and had some free time.  Several of us met up with some special guests later while others explored the city on their own and enjoyed some of its finer offerings.

Our special guests were from the University of Granada's GRIIS Program - the one Stonehill has a partnership with for our students to spend a semester.  Amalia and Teresa work for GRIIS and they coordinated a lovely walk down the Avenido de Constitucion with Jessica '14 and Elyse '14 as well as Sara '12 (who has returned to Granada for a year after graduation to get post-graduate work done).  All five of them were welcoming and informative.  We saw some of the university and heard some history of the city, and some current facts as well:  300,000 people live in the city but 100,000 are students!!  This was apparent as the whole city has a college-town feel to it.

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