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Greece 2010 - Delphi

We boarded the motorcoach and left the hotel for a scenic drive to Delphi. Again, we were treated to Andi's stories and knowledge - how does she know so much about everything?!?!?!
We walked through Delphi, seeing where the oracle had been, as well as many lesser-known components of the site - a stadium included. The hill was steep to the top; but worth the views of the area.
The museum here was also great and many of us were able to spend time enjoying the antiquities.
We left the site to get lunch, which included rooster, and enjoy a spectacular view from the restaurant.

Greece 2010 - Athens II

We were treated to a full day of FREE TIME in Athens - with lots of options to occupy our time.
Andi hosted an optional excursion, which about a dozen of us joined (and loved!).
The rest took to the streets for exploration on a beautiful day. Some bought tickets for the "jump-off" bus tour and got to see many of the sites. Others went by foot and saw many of the same sites (but endured a full day of walking). The sites included Parliament, the Plaka, Temple of Zeus, Hadrian's Arch and/or Library, the ancient Agora, the beautiful city Gardens and the Olympic Stadium.
More toured museums on their own, went shopping or spent a day of leisure in Athens. All reported back having a great day.