Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Greece 2010 - Kusadasi

We had some down time after Patmos and took advantage. Mary Joan shared her thoughts about the Grotto of St. John, spoke about our next stop, Ephesus, and then shared some info about her current research (and book!).

We had a few hours more to enjoy lunch, catch a nap, grab a lounge chair on one of the ship's decks or gather and chat. Super relaxing and very enjoyable.

Then we left the ship upon arrival in Kusadasi (ku-sha-da-c). We took a 20 minute bus ride to Ephesus to visit the ancient Roman ruins. An entire city had been built and established here - a major city. Many world rulers - Antony & Cleopatra for example - visited the city during their time.

The excavations were amazing. Not just a column here and there - but miles of ruins. We completely got a sense for the entire city's layout and complexities for its time. The library and the stadium were most impressive. Words can do no justice - photos will need to be added!

We returned to the ship for Greek Night! Dinner menu items featured traditional Greek favorites and many of us went to the showroom for the Greek Dancing and Singing Show.

Since dinner began at 9:15pm and the show at 11:00pm - it was a full day for all. But a terrific one, especially since mother nature has continued to smile on us --- another 80 degree day with not a cloud in the sky!!!!

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