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Portugal 2017: Day 10

The weather didn't deter us as we set out on a few mini vans to see the beautiful landscape of the island - although the fog did hurt our ability to see all of its beauty. 

We climbed up through mountains, enjoyed coastal views and even went to Jurassic Park. We saw more churches, amazing hydrangeas, a surfer, waterfalls, hot springs, birds and cows. In fact we were caught in an 'Azorean traffic jam'.

We were prepared with rain coats and umbrellas and made the best of the less-than-perfect weather. But our local guides/drivers Carlos and Jose were terrific and kept us on our toes throughout the day.

We returned to the hotel around 5:30 and have some time before meeting up for dinner. Then we get a late wake-up call (yeah!) before heading to the airport to return to Lisbon.

We heard our fellow travelers had some flight delays but that they all made it home safe - we miss you guys!!!!

Portugal 2017: Day 9

Today we said goodbye to our tour director, Gracia, and driver, Carlos when they dropped us off at the airport. For many of us, this was the end of our trip and we headed back to the States. Everyone had such a great time and we look forward to catching up and sharing photos - and stories.
Thirteen of us remained on vacation and headed to the Azores! Specifically, we arrived on the island of San Miguel and the city of Ponta Delgada (capital of the Azores). Our hotel is right on the waterfront, overlooking a marina, and walking distance to many of the historic sites.
After free time for lunch and exploring, we met with our tour director, Miguel, and a local guide who may not be so local... We began our 90 minute walking tour and made it about 30 minutes before it started to rain and then pour. But we did learn a lot and saw some interesting things, including a few beautiful churches.
We will head out for dinner later and hope that the rains stop for tomorrow's bus tour of the islan…

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