Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Greece 2010 - Rhodes

Rhodes may be one of the most beautiful places on the planet! Of course, it helps when you have great company and another day of perfect weather. Again - just over 80 degrees with not a cloud in the sky.

We began this AM at 7:00 when we gathered to depart for our excursions. Our guide Maria was super smart and switched our order to avoid the congestion of the other tour buses. There were 35 buses headed on excursions (from a number of ships) and 30 of them headed to Lindos first. We, instead, remained close to the port and took a tour of the medieval walled city of Rhodes. Very cool!

We then boarded the bus for about an hour's drive to Lindos. Along the way we passed some new hotels going up right on the beaches - book your vacation now! Maria shared some of the history of Rhodes and of the Acropolis of Lindos, our destination.

A few of us rode the burros up the mountain part of the way. Some stayed part-way up and enjoyed the shops and taverns. The rest climbed the sometimes treacherous steps and paths to the top. Every single turn offered another beautiful view of the sea or of the landscape. Extraordinary!

We returned to the port, dropped off some belongings and had the afternoon free to ourselves. Some enjoyed lunch on the ship, others returned to the walled city (now come to life with all the streets lined with shops, etc), some relaxed on the ship and enjoyed the beautiful day. There was a lot of shopping going on!!! Poor Lorena hurt her leg yesterday and did not join the group - we hope she has recovered and joins us for Crete tomorrow AM!

Tonight we have a complimentary cocktail party before dinner and it is "elegant" attire - so expect to see photos of us looking our best!!

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Bobby said...

Seems like you all are having a great time! You missed all of the rain here in Boston!!