Monday, October 19, 2009

Paris - Giverny

Givery - home of Claude Monet, and inspiration for so many of his masterpieces - is where we headed for our final morning of touring.

Our guide, Chris, shared lots of information about the town, Monet and the impressionist movement before dropping us off to tour the grounds on our own.

The water garden (featured in "Water Lilies") was terrific. Many of us said that we'd never look at the painting the same way after being there, standing on the bridge and looking across the pond.

The gardens were breathtaking! While we visited during the off-season and some of the blooms had wilted, the scope of the gardens was nearly overwhelming. Lots of photo-taking, as we roamed the grounds and noted the variety of flowers, trees, and bushes.

Monet's home was also open for touring. Clearly an artist's home, with brightly colored walls and lots of windows for light. Interestingly, the home was decorated with hundreds of Japanese art - which apparently served as inspiration for Monet.

What a beautiful place to visit! A relaxing morning for all.

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