Thursday, October 15, 2009

London & Paris

This morning we checked out of our London hotel and headed to the train station where we boarded the Eurostar and headed to Paris.

Seems simple enough. Not quite. We piled our bags right at the entrance to the platform our train was assigned to. Not only did our platform get reassigned and we needed to hussle to the next escalator; but they boarded 10 minutes early - at least they tried to...
Cars 2 and 3 had some electronic problems and needed to be closed, and yes, we had seats in car 2. They did not reissue tickets with new seats - instead it was a free-for-all. We all worked together with our director Chris and got the luggage on board and stowed. Then half of us found seats. The rest of us waited to be seated after the train was moving...

BUT, once everyone had seats it was a great ride. Fairly smooth and really quick. Just over 2 hours London to Paris. Lots of scenery along the countryside and we went under the water in the Chunnel!

We arrived in Paris on time and checked into our great new hotel. Then off for free time. First stop the Eiffel Tower!

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