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Ireland 2007: Day 2, Tralee

Greetings Readers!

After a lovely dinner at the hotel last night several of us ventured out to explore the pubs of Killarney.... we then met up for breakfast before our full day touring the Dingle Penninsula.

First we drove through the town of Tralee and heard from Doris about the Rose of Tralee - the contest which was most recently won by the New York Rose. She then treated us to the song! We also heard the story of St. Brendan and got a post-trip reading list addition: The Brendan Voyage.

We also were filled in on some of the history of whiskey in Ireland: first produced by Irish monks. And the line, "Irish invented whiskey.... the Scotch are still practicing!"

We then de-boarded our home away from home for our first group photo in front of the "Valley of the Mad Men".


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